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Husky Stables

                                          Dedication and Horsemanship

Trainer/Barn Manager

Kevan Husky

It is very hard for me to put into words the love I have for every aspect of the horse world. There is absolutely nothing better for me than to watch the joy on the faces of young riders as they touch a horse or bury their noses in the soft neck of a furry pony. 

The joy and happiness that my own daughter brought to our lives through her devotion to and love of the horses is endless.

The wonderful world of horses is a very special place. There are so many life lessons that each horse and trainer can teach a rider. Not only about how to physically ride but how to cope with nerves, hard work, disappointments and joys. How to be gracious when things don’t go as well as planned and humble when successful.

I enjoy every minute of my present job at Husky Stables. My main focus is assisting with the lunge line lessons and most importantly of all the horsemanship lessons in the barn. I feel our young riders can benefit so much by learning about ALL aspects of the horse world including barn chores, the physical care of the pony or horse they ride, and the endless hours that go on behind the scenes to make sure that the hours spent riding are safe and enjoyable.

It has been my experience that the riders enjoy their barn time immensely and feel a great sense of pride as they master each new task. I am dedicated to making Husky Stables a place where everyone (whether they walk on two legs or four) is respected, well cared for, and cherished.

I hold a very special interest in the daily welfare of every horse. We maintain a close working relationship with our vet and I make it a point to be on hand personally for every appointment.

In addition to managing the barn I personally drive our client’s horses to every show in our own well maintained dually truck and trailer equipped with individual cameras in every stall. I currently hold a Class A license.